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Wild Woman

Sacred Feminine Alchemy


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Wild Woman Aruba
February 22-Mar 1, 2019

Aruba is Jessi’s home since childhood. She has visited the island including prolonged stays over 30 times. It is a yearly ritual that she returns home to kiss the sea that baptized her to mother nature.

Wild Mystic Trainings
october 31st 2019

How could this have been missing ? 
Of course, align with the seasons of nature, as they move through.
Of course, celebrate, commune, and cook together as we grow and learn.
Of course, let cycles guide our work, see the world, and nourish sisterhood.

Wild Enchantress Online Training& UK Immersion
Sep 15-22 2019

Welcome to my treasure trove. Here I will share all the things, magick, ritual, plant medicine, orgasms, womben’s empowerment and space holding tools.


Jessi Mendez

Sacred Feminine Alchemist & Wild Woman



Jessi is the lead trainer and experienced yoga teacher with over 3,000 hours of experience 5 trainings lead, graduating over 70 certified instructors. She provides the majority of the contact hours including history, philosophy, lifestyle, applied anatomy, sequencing, posture, conducting energy and so much more. Her intimate connection with feminine source, the creation of sacred space and the depth of embodying full truth and presence is woven into all of her teachings.





Wild Essence Yoga School

Wild Essence Yoga, as it is today, emerged from the muck of a deep trauma and transformation. Lead Trainer Jessi Mendez ERYT500 began trainings under a different name in 2015, out of her studio Live Yoga which had been the gem of North Eastern CT for 3 years. The end of 2016 marked a new chapter for Jessi, the studio and the training programs.

Rising from the ashes of personal loss including bankruptcy and homelessness, Jessi had chosen to pass on her studio to a graduate of her training program and pursue her deepest passion to travel and share a passion for Yoga and truth internationally.


Wild Essence blossomed as the deepest connection to source, to the universe, to each other and to ourselves. The practice of Yoga is so much more than a shape, or the industry. This training aims to eliminate separation and the necessity to fit into any particular box. We aim to call you home to your truest nature, in which all living beings are our relations. We choose not to classify or divide the practice of oneness into a specific title or style. Instead, we expose students to various lineages and encourage each one to seek their own expression of connection even if it remains undefined. We aim to break the confines of the cages, and reclaim our birth right to be WILD.