The Grass Is Green Where You Water It

I’ve spent probably 2 decades in escapism. I’ve always been one to teleport to another happier place in my head when the seas are rocky. I’ve never not wanted to be somewhere other than where I am. This moment was never quite enough. There was always anticipation for something next that would be better. Even with my feet in the sand and an umbrella drink in my hand I would be thinking about the next place or thing. I missed it all.

In the 40 days I spent away, I never missed home so much. My own bed. The blessing of grocery shopping. Making my own agenda every day. Being able to kiss and hug my loved ones. Creating the exact energy I wanted to live in. There are so many things we take for granted. So much bliss in the simplicity of the moment. So much is missed longing for more or else.

Coming home to yourself- is really the only way that the longing can dissipate. When we are home, truly and completely- there is nothing to want for. Nothing is missing, there is no where better to be than in this body in this sweet moment no matter how chaotic it is.

In all the years of feeling like I needed something more, somewhere else, a different life or body or moment- I let everything pass me by.

Now I water this moment with breath and acceptance. This body, wherever I am in the world, whatever I’m wrapped up in- I am fully alive and home. This is the practice. This is how there is no room for suffering. This is the work.

Keep coming home.

Keep showing up.

Keep breathing.

It’s all here, right now.

Just look.

yogaJessi Mendezyoga