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Emotional Reactivity


As the waves roll in, the different cycles of our day and life turn over. The energy of each lunar phase, moves the waves of the water in our beings. The ebb and flow of the texture of the moment is in constant flux.

We are emotional beings, we feel deeply which is what gives us the capacity for the kind of epic compassion that can and is changing the world. But we don’t realize often enough that emotions are IN MOTION.

I know people, as I was one of them who have taken an emotion that was passing through, bottled it up and lived in it for a decade, or more.

This is not a question of allowing yourself to feel, to be sensitive, to be an emotional creature. Of course we need to feel the human experience as we were clearly gifted the capacity to do by nature herself.

The work here is to acknowledge ourselves re-spinning, analyzing, picking apart, dwelling, holding onto and regurgitating only to re-swallow this dead stagnant emotional energy.

Have you ever had a fight and half way through, you realized you were no longer mad and felt like you had to keep defending your “point” even tho the actual emotional fuel was no longer boiling you?

This is how many people spend their whole lives. We convince ourselves that an emotion is part of WHO we are. This makes absolutely no sense.

“I am fearful”

“I am sad”

“I am anxious”

“I am heartbroken”

All of these are emotions.

We have all felt all of them.

The difference is, some of us choose to allow them to take their full cycle and release when they happen. Others, store the dead energy and try to make emotions personality traits in which to attach to.

I know that there will be people that can argue ‘clinical depression’ or ‘anxiety’ as medical conditions. I believe that every illness is stuck, dead energy.

This is my personal belief because I have conquered both of these ‘conditions’ through a decade of being severely overweight, addicted to food, depressed and having daily and weakly panic and anxiety attacks.

The greatest teaching I have ever learned is to own my responsibility for the quality of my life experience. I chose not to write off my conditions as something I play no role in. I chose to work deeply with my highest spiritual self and develop the tools needed to move through these emotions so that I was no longer ruled by them.

When emotion arises; acknowledge it as what it is, moving through you. Allow the full cycle by finding a way to be still enough to experience it all with present breath. Notice your tendencies to avoid the source of the emotion, whether you utilize a vice etc.

The work starts with sensitizing enough to observe the reality of our state of consciousness. Once we can see we can begin to allow the unraveling, the softening and the surrender.

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