We are going to fuck it all up.

We are going to forget to remember.

We are going to spend some time at the bottom.

We are going to miss the point for a while.

We will ebb and flow out of plugging in to the truth.

It’s necessary that we acknowledge our humanity in this process, otherwise we just give up. Some days a brutal and others are so sweet. Some days I can barely get myself out of my bed or out of my refrigerator.

Other days I’m full of passion, lust for life and drinking in every breath of every moment whole heartedly.

Both days are my lessons.

Both feelings are the teachings.

What happens tho, is that instead of allowing our emotions to be ‘in motion’ moving through us, we wrestle them. We cling to the sweet ones and either suppress or dwell in the sour ones.

When we do this we are choosing to exist in stagnancy rather than flow with the tides that are reality. Life is not ever going to fit in the box you have created.

There will not be a right time to live your truth.

If you don’t do it now, you probably won’t do it.

The eventually list- unlikely to happen because every day you will find more things that can come first.

The I don’t have enough bullshit- you are never going to, even when you have too much it won’t be enough for a person that always seems emptiness.

If you are putting off things that have to do with your well being, sanity and health- there is not a good excuse. This is a lack of self love, no matter which angle we look at it from.

Selflessness is only cool if you are balanced and nourished. Being the withering martyr that is deteriorating before the eyes of your loved ones does them more harm than good.

There will be high and low times and seemingly standby times. In every single wave, there must be nourishment and listening of the self.

Profusely exerting yourself in fear of gaining weight is not nourishment it is torture.

Spending your life on a diet that makes you feel weak and irritable is not ‘good for you’ it is stupid.

Making excuses for why you haven’t done a damn thing for yourself in months/years is not ‘being responsible’ it’s complete neglect to the essence of your being and it makes you incapable of being a decent human.

My point is, you will fuck up.

You will fall off with your self care.

You will forget to love yourself.

You will be a shit to other people.

You will long for truth and fill your voids with vices.

You will do all this.

Hopefully it will help you remember and come home.

Get on your mat, go outside, so sit still somewhere and fall back in love with the tender impermanence of the Magic we are floating through. Stop making excuses for not LIVING your life- it’s no one else’s fault.

yogaJessi Mendezyoga